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Welcome to www.nwdemoderby.com. We are in our 9th year of existence in 2013. There are not many rules to the site. It is designed for the drivers, by a driver. But, it is also advertised on many cars throughout each demo derby season, with the intent to get fans to see a few things. One, that we are not the red necks we are portrayed to be. That we are just normal guys and gals that like to smash cars for fun. Its also used to be a place that fans who want to try out demolition derby can go and ask questions and get involved. Foul language is used here, and may not be family friendly in that aspect. But, we are human, and that is how a lot of us are. There are really only two real rules on this site: no racial bashing, or use of racial language, and no pornography allowed. You will be deleted and blocked immediately.  

Help us grow to be a bigger and better site! Put it on your derby cars, and tell your fellow drivers to sign up that may not be members.

Thank you for joining the NEW www.nwdemoderby.com!