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Author Topic: Bonners Ferry Smash and Bash 2017  (Read 1104 times)


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Bonners Ferry Smash and Bash 2017
« on: February 14, 2017, 04:20:50 PM »
Hello Everyone. The demo this year will be the 9th of September. I have no rule changes for this year. Please call with any questions. I have not decided on the most aggressive driver award but I promise it will not disappoint!


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Re: Bonners Ferry Smash and Bash 2017
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2017, 11:59:55 AM »
I need to travel and check you guys out!


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Re: Bonners Ferry Smash and Bash 2017
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2017, 06:22:38 AM »
No imperials allowed.(this includes imp subs in other cars)
All interior and glass must be removed from the car.
All cars must be equipped with a fire extinguisher.
No Alcohol allowed in pits.


Weld on bumper brackets or shocks must stop 10'' from front of the frame.
You may use any bumper off any standard passenger car.
 You may use either the stock bumper brackets or the ones that came with the transplant bumper. So ,for example, if you put a bumper and shocks on a y frame Chrysler you must not run the factory Chrysler brackets as well.
All brackets or shocks must be original equipment. There will be no replacements for shocks such as pipes!!
All shocks will be mounted on the outsides of the frame.  There is to be nothing installed inside the
You can weld the bumper to the outside of the frame only.(not to top or bottom of frame) You may weld the first ten inches of the bumper mounting brackets from the bumper back.
You may have one ½ inch diameter bolt going through the frame to mount the rear of the bracket or shock.
 Shocks can be extended but must not be longer that 14 inches from the front of the frame.
You may weld the factory seam to the front side of the A arms.
There is to be no welding behind the A Arms of the vehicle.
On certain GM style cars including caddys the shock is on top of the frame factory. It can remain there but can not be extended on the top side of the frame.
You may cold tilt your cars.


You can alter the two body bolts at the core support to place all thread through the frame and up
through the hood.
You are also allowed two all thread in the rear of the car. You are allowed to have a 3 inch washer on
top and bottom of the frame to secure the all thread to the frame. You may weld the allthread to side of the frame if you do not wish to bolt through the frame. All thread must be 1 inch diameter
or less.
You can add one 4''x4'' washer on the floor board of the car and tie the body to the frame in 2 locations. This is more designed for clip cars but all cars can have two altered body bolts to fasten frame to car. Bolts not to exceed ½'' in diameter.

NO OTHER CHANGES TO MOUNTS OR BOLTS ALLOWED. NO you may not remove your bushings. Sorry that you bought the car without mounts. Bummer. Go buy some and install them.!!!


There are to be no alterations to any leaf springs. There are no leaf spring conversions. (i.e Cadillac or
impala leaf spring action not allowed).
All rear ends must be out of a passenger car. 
You may clamp shocks or place filler blocks in coil springs to adjust height.
You may chain the humps with 3/8 chain in two locations.
No reinforcing of suspension and steering in any way other than what is specifically named above
You may reinforce the tie rods
You may weld the front side of the a arms down

You can use filler up to 2 inch wide and no thicker that 1/8 inch.
 Hoods may be bolted and welded shut as long as there is a large enough hole in hood for
inspection. The hood welds need to be stitched with equal spaces. 1-1, 2-2,3-3 ect………
Trunks can be welded shut with equal spacing just like the hood.
Door seams can be welded solid.
There is to be no welding the body to the frame in any location. (no inner fenders,body
You are allowed to have two straps front and rear from hood to bumper and trunk lid to bumper. These straps are to be no thicker than 1/8'' and no wider than 2.5''. They can not be connected by more than 3'' on either end to bumper and hood.


All tires must be DOT approved. No forklift or implement tires. All Wheels must be off a factory car.
I will allow replaced wheel centers to accommodate the multi pattern. No fancy home made full
wheels. No filling tires with anything other than air and tubes. No double mounting sidewalls.

Cradles will be allowed as long as they are for engine mounting and that is it. No pulley protectors or bracing the frame or cross supports. The need to bolt to block mounts and can be welded in to car as long as it is in close to factory location.
If you are transplanting a motor it needs to remain in close to original location as possible. If you are transplanting a motor without the use of a cradle you may weld it in as long as it is in stock mounting location and the welding points are in the motor mount locations. 
You may have tie down straps from frame to engine as long as they do not run towards the front of the car as to reinforce the frame.
You may use a chain or cable to fasten the trans to the cross member in addition to the factory mount.
Slider shafts are allowed.
Aftermarket bell housings and tail shafts are allowed.
Distributor Protectors are allowed. (change from last year. This is to level the field with the influx of those running LS motors and don't have a distributor to worry about)

Topic #6 CAGES

Dash bars and rear cross bars are mandatory. A minimum of 2 inch material ¼ '' thick wall must be used. There also must be door bars on each side of the car. A minimum of 6 inch material is to be used , but not to exceed 12 inches wide and 3 inches thick. One upright bar is mandatory but two are allowed. 
At no point is the cage allowed to be welded or bolted to the frame. There are to be no braces/kickers
running behind the rear crossbar located directly behind the driver.

Please don't try silly things like bolting seats or battery boxes to the frame or its crossmembers.


Window bar is mandatory in the front. Material must be at least one inch. You may have up to two
in front and two in the rear window. The two in the rear must not be mounted past the top trunk
seam. Drivers window must have some form of protective mesh/screen.


Radiator must remain in original location.
Transmission coolers may be used, but must be fastened in a safe container and strapped or bolted
High pressure line must be used. No fuel line for the transmission!
No oil coolers allowed.


You may use up to two batters as long as they are fastened and covered for safety.

Topic#10 FUEL CELL

The factory tanks must be removed from the vehicle. A replacement tank is to be mounted inside
the vehicle and the max capacity is 6 gallons. The tank must have a cover on it.


You may have twenty bolts with a 5/16 inch max for bolting sheetmetal together.(ie. Fenders, hood bracing, )

FRAME REPAIR (must be pre approved by promoter)

Frames can be repaired with plates no thicker than 1/8 inch thickness. The plates can not extend
more than three inches on either side of the repair. You will be required to show pictures of the
 frame prior to repair. It has to be bellied pretty bad before you can add plates and call it a repair. A repair is for broken or really wrecked stuff. Please don't take a mild pre ran and just add plates to reinforce.
Cross members: Must be an original cross member out of a passenger car. If your car is missing the cross member you better find one from another car.


All rules from cars pertain to trucks.
There must be an upright for safety.
You can bolt the cab to the box if desired.
The cab can have the cage bolted or welded to the frame. The box can have 4 added bolts or washers holding it to the frame.
2 wheel drive pick ups only.
No dually
Fuel cell and battery must remain in the cab of the truck or in the box closest to the cab with covers over both.

Compact car rules:
No longer than a 108 '' wheel base and 6 cyl and smaller. The remaining car rules apply