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Author Topic: Creston, BC rules. Probably not what you're used to?  (Read 1439 times)


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Creston, BC rules. Probably not what you're used to?
« on: February 23, 2015, 02:20:22 PM »
We would like to hear your feedback. Please keep in mind that up here we aren't super hardcore full weld show with ten grand up for grabs. Just a small, fun event for families and sportsmanship. These rules are direct from our FB group.

2015 Creston Demolition Derby Rules: Safety and Fun are #1, if you have any questions, please ask asap!!!Drugs, Alcohol and Dogs are forbidden! You must have brakes before entering the ring!

A.     Mandatory car rules:

1. Remove all trailer hitches, glass, garbage, loose objects and flammable materials (except driver seat and driver’s door protection), chrome, door handles, hubcaps, mirrors, lights, lenses, fiberglass and pot metal. Any objects than can easily bust off in smaller pieces and be flung into the crowd or other drivers’ faces.

2. Driver’s door must have protection on the inside, like foam or even the original door panel. Bare metal will not pass.

3. Door bars on both sides of the vehicle, mount about bumper height and between the wheel wells. A second bar may be added higher and a couple inches longer to help hold doors shut. Use C-channel or I-beam (recommended and must round off ends) or large & thick grader blades. Wimpy thin ones will not pass. Minimum SIX large bolts to hold on each door bar, grind or cut your outside bolt ends short and don’t put bolts beside your ribs. Any size washer here is OK. Bolts should go through the crash brace in door.

4. Mud flaps to be mounted near the back wheels only, should be made of rubber or flexible plastic, no exceptions. 3 screw mud flaps can be bought at any car parts retailer for very little money and they install in 10 minutes. No reinforcing the body or frame with mud flap hanger. Also painting of offensive language is NOT allowed, this is a family show.

5. Minimum 2” thick steel cross bar behind the seat. Round or square tube only, no thinwall material like exhaust pipe or swingset pipe etc, mount so the ends are lined up with door bars. Can be welded or bolted to the door bars. Vertical bar from floor to roof is OK. Neither bar can be attached to the frame in any way.

6. Gas tank must be removed and replaced with a metal or plastic one no larger than 5 gallon capacity in the back seat area. Can be a boat tank or fuel cell, homemade tanks made from propane tanks etc will need tech crew’s approval. EFI tanks/pumps must be sealed properly. Tank must be mounted securely and must be covered with a fire resistant material.

7. Electric fuel pumps must have separate on/off switch from ignition.

8. No modifying, welding or reinforcing the steering, suspension, body or frame whatsoever other than what is allowed in optional build rules below. No pinning, plating, stuffing or tipping ect! Suspension must flex up and down. NO REAR WINDOW BARS

9. No pinching the body (pre-crushing the body to the frame) but sedagons allowed. Hand-Hammering the body skin is allowed but no machine bending or crushing. NO CANOEING OR WEDGING THE TRUNK AREA.

10. No engine cradles or protectors of any kind including Distributor

11. No modifying bumper framework, skin only. No loaded bumpers.

12. Hot fluid lines inside vehicle must be covered or inside flame resistant material like fire hose or heater hose.

13. Drivers doors can be fully seam welded shut. Hoods, trunklids, doors and tail gates must be secured in place. 6 attachments (not including hinges) are allowed, in any combination of weld, heavy chain or bolt/thread rod. Welds can’t be longer than 6” and must be 6” apart.

14. Battery must be relocated securely to the front passenger floor and be covered with a fire resistant material. Max 2 batteries per vehicle.

15. Must have a suitable air cleaner, and cannot extend into the passenger compartment of the car beyond the firewall.

16. If using electric switches, they must be uniformed. Up or forward for ON, down or backward for OFF

17. Water for coolant only, no antifreeze or other fluids.

18. Radiator must be OEM style in original location up front, no custom made coolers

19. Must have minimum 12” hole above the middle of the engine

20. No truck diffs in anything but a truck.

21. No chaining diff to body or frame, only to coil springs. 1 Wrap only.

22. No removing rubber body mounts except where redi-rod goes.

23. No adding anything in front of the radiator (chains, redi-rod etc)

24. Seat belts must be worn and drivers are not to exit their vehicles when the other derby cars / trucks are still in motion. Wait until the horn blows and the heat stops. The only two exceptions are if you have a fire or are in trouble from another safety perspective

25. Transmission coolers allowed, mount on rear seat bulkhead. Metal lines only until right at the cooler. Ice containers with cooler inside is OK

26. No 60's Suicide door Lincolns, 1957 -1973 Chrysler Imperials or Imperial Sub frames or cars over 155” wheelbase. Fullsize and Mid-size North American cars, wagons Non-Imperial Limos, Hearses, Ambulances, and post-1972 El Caminos, Rancheros are allowed. Fullsize non-north American cars must be approved.

B.     Mandatory Clothing: Coveralls (fire resistant preferred) Gloves, Full DOT helmets, Safety glasses or Goggles

C.     Optional build rules:

1. Recommend running a cross bar in place of dash, minimum 2” thickwall round or square tubing only. Can attach to steering column.

2. Wheel wells and bumper skins may be trimmed, folded back to body and welded or bolted with max eight - 3/8” bolts, bolts must be head out or cut flat to outside nut face.

3. Engine and transmission mounts may be strengthened with chains or bolts (recommended). Custom motor mounts can be welded to the car but engine must be bolted in and rubber bushings are optional.

4. Engines, diffs and bumpers can be interchanged from car to car but engines must be mounted in stock location.

5. Bumpers may be welded to brackets. Brackets may be welded to the frame with 6” total maximum weld per side of car, not frame. No plating or extra reinforcing. Bumper shocks may be collapsed and welded 2 rows max. No replacing bumper shocks with pipe, stock material only.

6. Window bars are allowed, max 2 per window, NO BARS IN REAR WINDOW. Front may be mounted to window frame, or cross bar. Side window bars must leave enough room for driver to exit. (usually one where sedan post would be)

7. Window screens highly recommended (rocks and debris)

8. Cage may be built around the driver but mount to the body not frame.

9. Exhaust can be headers up through the hood, or manifolds but pipe off manifolds must extend past transmission. Pipe may also exit to the side of the car.

10. Firewall may be hammered or cut away for distributor clearance.

11. Drive shafts may be welded, 1 piece driveshafts only, no slip shafts.

12. Roof signs allowed but must be very securely mounted (weld or bolts)

13. Padding recommended on steering wheel center plus A and B pillar.

14. Up to a 16” wheel may be used, Max bumper height 20” at the bottom of the bumper. DOT tires only, max 10 ply, no industrial tires. Nothing but air in tires and no skins.

15. Redi-rod up to 1-1/4” thick allowed on the hood and trunk. 4 total solid connections allowed (two front and two rear - one per corner) in cars and wagons. Max 6”x6” wide ½” thick washers for hood, trunklid and rear wagon bolts.

16. Hood hole skin may be cut down the center and folded back under itself then bolted with a maximum of eight ½” bolts.

D.     Additional Information:

1. Any and all repairs to pre-derbied cars and damaged cars must be declared to the Tech officials. One 3”x4” plate is allowed to be welded over an existing crack or break. It must be painted with bright colored spray paint (including between heats) and be no stronger material than frame metal.

2. Drivers must be at least 16yrs old, and under 19 must have parent at the Registration Table (unless other pre-arrangements are made already).

3. Intentional driver’s door hits will result in immediate disqualification at judge’s discretion. If you even think you might hit it, brake and steer away. We don’t want anyone getting hurt.

4. You have 90 seconds to make an aggressive hit. If your vehicle is timed out, you will be notified by the flag person. Put up your flag and your car does not move until the end of the heat.

5. The horn will designate start and end of each heat, or if there is any reason to stop the heat. It may also be used to get your attention.

6. Last aggressive hit wins the heat, judges will make the call. If you disagree with the Judges call, the only way to dispute it is if you show them on video otherwise their call is final.

7. Cars will be inspected for safety and to make sure they’re within build rules. Any car may be inspected at any time during the event for reinforcement and there will be post-inspection in the ring immediately after the final heat. Any car found in the wrong will be disqualified and the next placed car will move up one spot.

8. Two fires in the same vehicle in the same heat and you are out.

9. No stopwatches, headsets, starting fluids, must use pump gas only.

10. Fire extinguishers recommended but not mandatory inside cars.

If you don’t see it here, that doesn’t make it legal  to do it or not do it, if there are any grey areas or confusion – please contact Steve Gregr, Paul Whitford 250-402-9471 or Leslie Batke 250-402-9294

We can also be contacted via Facebook and there is a group there called “Creston, BC Demolition Derby” You will be Disqualified if you don't pass tech, if you sandbag and if you team drive here!
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Re: Creston, BC rules. Probably not what you're used to?
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2015, 11:01:32 AM »
good set of quick and fun rules, only thing that i think is weird is the 1 1/4" redi rod. why not just 1" haha, anyone could throw a car together and have fun pretty easy tho. The bumper welding is kinda hard to understand tho. 6" per side, but then 2 rows on the shocks? is this part of the 6" or separate?


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Re: Creston, BC rules!
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2015, 09:10:37 PM »
Not really sure who put in the 1 1/4" redirod rule... was before me lol

Been trying to think of how to word it clearer but the two rows is max two rows of weld on the shock ram itself when welding it to keep it in place after collapsing the shock.

The max 6" of weld is what is allowed to hold each bracket to the frame. The frame connects to the bumper on the drivers side and passenger side and each one has a bracket which can have up to 6" of total welding to hold the bracket to the frame.. whew!  :o